Monday, February 14, 2005


Media. Oh, what images that little word brings up, huh? Media, the future of the world, the rulers of America...

At this point, let the author cordially invite you to pull the other one for it has bells on it.

We're in the midst of a little media war in America now. Everyone's got a side. Some say it's the corporations versus the people. Some say it's the politicians/corporations/interest groups/whoever against the people. Allow me to clear the air. It's the people versus the people. Nothing more, nothing less. The media, for all its hype and glamour, is just a tool. We have a lot of tools in Americas, from breadmakers to vibrators. We are advanced in that way, I suppose.

But we're not up to speed with our tools, you see. Media is a tool, guns are tools, just like cars and bicycles and books. What we forget about these tools is that they have a function and they perform it. It's the person using it that defines what it is. We started going downhill when we began blaming our tools for our own incompetence. And that's the core of it all, that we're in control. It doesn't matter what they say on the television, it's YOUR responsibility, your right to make up your own damned mind. Blaming the television for your kids being violent little diseases, for your friends not agreeing with your political views, it's all a sign of a simple and massive weakness in our culture. Shut off the goddamned television, look outside, and start thinking about what's really out there.

I'm going to tell you about myself now. I hate college students as words cannot properly describe. Youth is a defect ironed out in time and the youthful idealism that passed off by pseudo-intellectual children is one of the greatest detriments to our society. Years afterward, as they grow older and hardened by real-world experience, yes I believe many of the more activist -oriented students I've met can be useful to society. But not until their balls drop and they start living in the real world. When it comes down to it, the people I want to read this listen to television. Students listen to professors and textbooks--a slightly better choice yes, but it's still men on pulpits and media. Reality isn't a polite scholastic debate, it's a bar fight. If you don't believe me, walk into a Houston bar and start yelling at Bush on the television.

My point is this, if we have a future at all, the children sure as hell aren't it. The future is our present after its get better or worse. You're, the people, are surrendering every freedom and liberty you have while waving the banner of American pride, all because you're too self-absorbed to let somebody else have their fun too.