Thursday, February 17, 2005


The influence of bloggers comes from the failures of the mass media. That failure is largely because of the blurred line between entertainment and news, which is a serious public responsibility. Some bloggers are now attempting to get journalistic recognition for their work, but they're falsely comparing themselves to the journalists they know, the journalists in the news media, and using that as the reference.

And then there are the journalists who use blogs, who don't need the difference explained to them. Being a journalist requires more than just your words in print. It's a perspective on the world that comes from being in it on a daily basis. In short, it's a way of seeing, your mind, feet and fists wired together as you hammer a piece of the world onto the page. That's journalism. If you take your title of "Journalist" or even just your job of public informer and say "well, I'm better than the news media today" please remember, this is like saying you're the driest SOB in Atlantis.

You wanna be a journalist, just remember: the story is always on the street. It's not on the internet, not in the file cabinet. What makes the story matter will always be down here with us, with the people who need to read about it.