Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dispatch 3B

I know that a lot of you out there voted for Bush. I also know that a lot of you probably think that your moderate, or you're understanding.

You're not.

I'm not going to bother linking to every other website out there in pursuit of this point. If you didn't read them before the election, you reading them now won't make any goddamned difference. It's sickening to think that anyone can believe themselves intelligent and still vote for someone who is so blatantly a threat to the national security. But there you are, happily nodding your heads at the death of the Iraqis, the death of the Afghanis, and the death of the basic principles of the United States. Has it ever occurred to you idiots that this gross incursion into our privacy and the destruction of our basic civil liberties marks a man who's NOT for the freedom of the people? No. You were too busy marking how manly he looks in a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat.

You are all stupid. Get used to this. This is what George W. Bush thinks of you, and you have proven him correct. You've said to the president that so long as he can burn the world slow enough that it doesn't reach your homes until he's out of office, you're on his side. This is what happened with Reagan and Bush's father, by the way. Eight years of Reaganomics and he leaves the White House with a glorious approval rating. His successor/former VP takes the fall and gets ousted by Clinton, all because it took it ten years to come to a head.

There's a problem I see in the way you people look at things. You talk endlessly about freedom and your children. You're worried about family values and all of that. Well, you're in control of your own household, your own children (or at least you should be). But you can't control the bigger picture. You can't make the decisions that influence how our world is going to be ten years from now. You can only elect the man who will.

You've elected a man who guarantees you polluted skies (see his gutting of the clean air act), furthers the use of depleted uranium in his war machine (no, it's not safe for us and yes, we use it anyway), and worst of all, is advancing the role of intolerant ignorance in our society. He has lied to you and sent your sons and daughters off to die.

Let me sum this up for you: George W. Bush is not one of us. He's an elitist, a rich boy who's never had to work for what he has. If he tells you otherwise, he is LYING. If you love freedom, recognize the man who wants to take it away from you, who laughs at your ignorance and encourages it with his parlor tricks. Do it, because although you all hate flag-burners, when you vote for the likes of Bush you wipe your ass with it.