Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Do you ever get the feeling that it's all going downhill? Do you ever stop for one moment and let all the problems in this country compile in your security, national defense, the media, the corporations, the special interests. If you do, you most likely stop reading the newspaper afterward. Keeping informed can become a painful experience once you've beheld the horrible magnitude of the problem.

I'd like to say that I'm not a hate-filled man, but I am. I am indeed 100% fueled by psychotic rage directed at much of mankind, regardless of you you worship, who you have sex with, or where your ancestors came from. One at a time I meet you, one at a time I add you to the list of people I despise. The simian rutting and posturing makes me sick to my stomach because YOU, the animal who votes for TV, blames everyone but yourself for your problems, pays more attention to Reality TV than REALITY...your votes count too. My job is to tell you what's going on. That isn't media intrusion or media spin...that's the role of the newsman in democracy. If you're actually listening to what you hear and thinking about it, you're then just a little bit more capable of making up your own mind.

These may seem like two unrelated paragraphs, but they're not. We live in chaotic times and are dying of mismanagement. I hate you all. In conclusion: We're stuck together. Republicans, stop trusting other people to tell you what's right and wrong, as the people you're listening to are liars and hypocrites. Democrats...find some leaders now, or at least get your party together so you can take advantage of the REAL ones you already have!

It won't solve any of the big problems...but it's a start.