Thursday, March 03, 2005


With this being the day when mass media is basically cannibalizing itself looking for a sucker, I find myself wondering how one can take advantage of this and get a job. Hell, if Bush can exploit it, why not a journalist? But it's not that simple. We, your protectors, are not going to be made better by this adversity, the resignation of Dan Rather, the retirement of Tom Brokaw, and all the scandals surrounding the White House bribing the press. It's going to make it worse. Networks will take less risks. News will get worse.

Journalism is a suicidal, parasitic profession, bent on the informing of an ungrateful public. Yes, you're ungrateful. And you know what, you should be. We're like the dentist; you hate us but you need us. Sadly, most journalists have traded what they think is a little of their professional duty so that they can get the job done. But it doesn't work that way. Having cocktails with politicians and being buddy-buddy with their press secretaries may get you A story, but it sure as hell isn't the story that you're getting paid to report on. Our job is to talk about the things that they don't want us to mention, not the things that make good PR.

I'll give you an example. I've been doing research on the study of Gulf War Syndrome and is most likely cause: depleted uranium. For those who don't know, depleted uranium is a super-dense metal of low radioactivity and high toxicity. We use it in tank armor and shells. The 'bunker-buster bomb' lives up to its name because it has about 1.5 tons of the crap on it. When depleted urnaium hits, it tends to burn and shatter, creating a cloud of toxic fragments that float through the air, into the water, and anywhere else that's nearby. It's extremely toxic to humans. We and half of Europe use it. If we'd been reporting on this story, on how the Defense Department denies its role in Gulf War Syndrome, instead of how successful these miracle weapons were, maybe we wouldn't have to bury all the stories of soldiers and civilians suddenly developing cancer, of babies being born without brains.

Just remember, people. The truth is out there and the truth will have its day, regardless of what the media reports. And as this problem gets worse and worse, I'll wait for the chance to enter the fray. Hopefully you'll still recognize the truth when I finally do.