Monday, April 25, 2005

Notes on the Decline of Democracy

Well, Lebanon's free. Everybody's happy. Everyone's looking at Bush now as a great president and history will no doubt follow suit.

Everybody is wrong.

I've been away for a while, gathering information, looking around this country of ours. Here's the deal, folks. We're dooming ourselves. The republican party is dead. The Neoconservatives have ruled it since the 1980s, a cadre of corporate businessmen bent on control.

Which brings us to Lebanon. It is a farce, for lack of a better term. It's good television and good PR. The United States has weakened over the years internationally, largely due to the growth of other countries. The status of the US as the world's lone superpower is in its death throes. The Neocons know this, as does any person who cares to look at the big picture.

They're getting their hooks in the world now, mostly in the Middle East, because it's the only part of the world that:

1) Has people war-torn and desperate enough to need help, and...

2) Has profit potential.

If you look at Bush's domestic policy you see the real goal, you see a country bent on bringing back the age of religious dogmatism and rule by the rich. Yes, we have always been dominated by the rich, but I mean RULED. Development of a foreign center is all this is. They don't want us to have any power, Americans, Iraqis, Lebanese, anyone!

Why is this succeeding? Well, the answer is very simple: people. People treat personal responsibility as something begrudgingly accepted when all appeals fail. They treat the idea of caring about one another as a political matter, not a personal one. This sort of thing has happened before, this political usery. It was called imperialism then and it should be called imperialism now. But it won't be. That's our way of fooling ourselves into thinking that we're actually making progress: changing the word we use.

You may not believe me. You may think that I am wrong. Well, here's my proof: Stem Cell Research, Abortion, the new Pope; Americans care about these things. Things we don't care about: Bush's complicity in the attack on the World Trade Center, the lies surrounding his election and reelection, his manipulation of Congress in order to start a war with Iraq, and my personal favorite, the growth of electronic voting. Here's the deal folks:

Electronic Voting = Not voting

Electronic voting has so many avenues for tampering it is completely unreliable. If you don't believe me, go HERE. It's a documentary, watch all of it. You'll be better for it. And if you still believe that the democratic process is alive and well even with what you see how badly compromised our electoral process is, then you are a proponent of living in a dictatorship and there is no getting around that.