Friday, June 17, 2005

The American Taliban

Any reasoning human being in the 21st century knows that the religious right in this and every other country has become a liability to the advancement of our species. Religous people on the whole are not the problem. It's the real holy-rollers, the haters, the evil men masquerading as the servants of "God" that are dangerous and they must be removed from the fucking pulpit as soon as possible.

I have not accredited these quotes, or these, but knowing the records on a few of these people, I can believe that they said these things. I want you to look long and hard at these quotes. If you have anything less than an allergic reaction to the things you said, then you need to start asking yourself some serious fucking questions about your life and your beliefs. If you're not appalled by the very thought of these people having any authority then you are at best negligent and at worst complicit in their crimes.

Shame these people. Make fun of them. Ridicule them and all that follow them. They are disgraces to humanity, people who are not only living in a fairy tale but seeking to force others to live in it too. They are a disease. The cure is knowledge, understanding, and the progressives of the world growing a set of balls.

I am not happy.