Monday, June 20, 2005

File this Under "SHIT I ALREADY KNOW"

I was reading through the FOX Carolina stories for the day. Why? Well, it was because of a pooch-screwing shocker, first of all. But that was only the beginning.

About a year ago, a young woman named Tamika Huston went missing. Her disappearance got a few brief mentions on the national programs, America's Most Wanted and whatnot. There's a reward out for information leading to her safe return. Common story, sadly. But the uncommon part was covered in a USA Today article:

"Spotlight skips cases of missing minorities"

Why USA Today was the only one to pick up this story is frightening enough. They're so low on the journalistic ladder that I don't even read them for shits and giggles. Basically, the story was about hwo the media covers the disappearances almost exclusively of white women. On a personal note, I've noticed a conspicuous number of blondes in those missing persons too. But the basic point is that people only really care about missing white people, or at least the media does.

Last I heard, the big news was from Aruba after a nice little white girl vanished. Black men were suspected. Big black men.

The author of this blurb is whiter than most if not all you honkeys out there (albinos excluded) and sees nothing special about it. You age faster and burn in lamplight. Big fucking deal.