Monday, June 13, 2005

The Pedophile is Free

Alright, I'll talk about it. Normally I hate pack journalism but I'm pissed. Murderers, pimps and drug-pushers are bad in their own right, but I have a special place in my bile ducts for child molesters. And on that note, Michael Jackson is free.

Michael Jackson is a recidivist child molester who is at best mentally and emotionally unstable. His being on the streets is solely because of his money and the only crimes greater than the ones he has committed are those of the parents who allow their children to be alone with him. Both should be in jail, period!

I recently posted this on a message board that I help moderate. I'm wondering how long before someone else has it removed.

Look, I'll spell it out for you nice and simple: Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson's music are two different things. Get that straight. Hell, even I like some of his old stuff. I grew up on it, after all. But I despise him and all that he is. You can like the music, but if you use that as an excuse for supporting a fucking child molester, one that is so obvious about it that only a fool couldn't see it, then you might as well hand him the anal lube.

There are only three potentially-pleasant side-effects of this horror:

1) The cover of the New York Post tomorrow is going to be hysterical. I don't like the Post and I consider it to journalism what lint is to food. But still, it can be funny. It's like the Weekly World News with a complex.

2) Well, we've once again proven how mediated, fucked up and clueless people really are. We have successfully shown once again that fame sells more than the truth. When it comes down to it, this is just one more addition to the list of reasons why this country needs SERIOUS help. My only problem with this as a positive point is...did we really need more proof?

3) Maybe someone will shoot him and then people will have elective facial surgery in honor of him. Seeing a bunch of gaunt, plasti-form-faced party clown nutcases would almost be worth watching. It'd be like seeing the Cirque du Soleil in Hell.

Jackson is free and I'm told he lives across the street from an Elementary School. And he'll likely be having kids at his front door inside of a month. Do us all a favor and make sure that they're not yours.