Thursday, July 14, 2005

Answering a Question

Only a few people read this blog, and I don't at this moment particularly care. I think perhaps I have been lax in properly explaining the reality of our world in excruciating detail. That will change.

A person who reads this blog has commented about terrorists and about their threat potential. She has also expressed a desire to blow up the desert instead of sending our troops there. Let me answer this as reasonably as possible.

To you and all those who believe this: you are part of the problem. Think. Muslim fundamentalists have become a problem in this world because they believe that the American Government is engaging in a war against Islam.

It is.

The Bush family and its fellow Neoconservatives are part of a cadre of Republican oil barons that have been shown to have close ties with the Bin Laden family as far back as the current president's grandfather. To wit: Osama Bin Laden is a monster, but he is a monster that we trained during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, that our current administration has ties to, and furthermore is reacting to a goal he knows our current leadership seeks. We are not dealing with one group of insane, violent fundamentalists, but two. Bush is as BAD AS BIN LADEN ON HIS WORST DAY. Get that through your fucking heads. And if you don't like it, move. There is no "He's a monster but he's our monster". It's still a fucking flesh-eating monstrocity.

Why don't we bomb the desert? Because if you shed a single tear for those people in London who died recently, you would be condemning equally innocent people to the same fate. And if you think ANY level of American death justfies such a reaction than you are worse than Bin Laden and Bush put together, because they are insane fundamentalists and you are just weak, cowardly and impatient.

The American military has been betrayed. I've known a lot of soldiers and most of them have said up and down that they want to "serve their country". Frankly, most of them were fucking liars who just wanted to kill people with a sense of justification. But in difference to those who are honestly interested in serving national defense (there have been some I've met), and the ultimate fact that it doesn't matter why they joined, only what they do when they're there, let's simply address the betrayal they've suffered. There were no weapons of mass destruction and the president knew that. Don't buy that group-think bullshit. That's a line for people who WANT to believe, largely because they're too cowardly to stand up to their own government. But oh, it's so easy to get behind murdering thousands of foreigners. That is a cowardice and barbarism that betrays everything that the democracy and a free society stands for. These people have been put (once again) into a situation where you either address reality and the facts or follow your leaders. Their oath to protect America has been betrayed and exploited so that Haliburton can make money and Bush can cause the Rapture.

This dispatch goes out to all of you who believe these things. This is a disgraceful thing to believe in for any reason. Those are PEOPLE over there. They are different, yes. Their goals in life, their culture, their very way of looking at the world is different. The US war on terror has accomplished and will accomplish only one thing: Galvanizing the Muslim world into a seige mentality that will drive us into WWIII, or as Bush and company like to think of it, the Apocalypse.

Much of my source material on this comes from books. But I'll give you a glimpse into the American Taliban. The rest is up to you. Look up "Downing Street Memo" on a search engine. Explore. Read the news. I am not going to hyperlink all of it because frankly it is right there. You have to go TO the news, not expect it to filter into your body like air. You have to actively pursue it. And this is not a difficult thing to do. Do us all a favor and be a better citizen. Be part of the INFORMED electorate.

I want to get this out. I am pissed at all of you in this world who make excuses for your own fear, excuses that kill people who you rightfully shouldn't fucking care about. Selfishness of the worst sort, fear and vanity with a homicidal chaser.

You should all be fucking ashamed of yourselves.


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