Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Bombing of London

Alright people, pull yourself together. London has been bombed. Two bombs in the tunnel and an exploding bus. Yes, this is an attack most likely by terrorists. It is to be condemned by every sane, compassionate human being on Earth. A group of well-financed religious fundamentalists blowing people up.

Alright, now that we have the obvious out of the way, let's actually look at the situation. That's the problem with us. We look long enough to get scared, and then we stop looking. Not me. I want to know what the fuck is really going on. The facts, for instance, point to the following:

The Downing Street Memo

Fact: England is a supporter of our "War on Terror" and so, they are complicit in half if not all of the questionable actions that have been taken in the past four years. So if you're wondering why these sort of things can happen, it's guilt by association. Between our torture camp in Cuba to our creation of a culture of fear and racism throughout the world, we're encouraging the support of these people by any moderate.

I am a loyal American citizen. What am I loyal to? Democracy. That's the crux. Anyone who says they're loyal to "America" or "Freedom" is a jackass, because those are just words. There is no REAL America. The country is what we make of it. And because of Bush and his neocon cronies we've created a culture of fear and hatred that stretches across the globe, filling the efforts and recruitment of the insane fringe. Never forget that the neocons are the religious and economic fringe of the Republican party. They're snakes hiding up the ass of the elephant, people, and this is precisely what they want.

They want dead people because they make living people afraid. Frightened people let them bomb whomever's most profitable for them. So pull yourselves the fuck together and look at what's actually there, not what your president or Prime Minister tells you is there.

This is the sort of time when everyone wants a guy like me to shut up. They say it's inappropriate. Do you know why? Because right now it might work. It's not distant. It's right there, the truth. And nobody wants that. They've been indoctrinated into believing that it's inappropriate to discuss reality when suffering is present. This is transparent bullshit. The time of suffering is the most logical time to discuss it, because while it's real in the peoples' minds they should be forced to see the situation in all it's horrific splendor so they won't forget, shut up and allow the situation to be contexualized by the very people that created it!

Good night and my utmost sympathy for the families of the 33 people who lost their lives. But I would like to know your names, too. You were people, and it is an indignity to remember you as a numbered casualty in our leaders' power play.

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