Sunday, July 10, 2005


A clarification on my earlier post. I was just having a conversation with a drunken serviceman who was espousing the virtues of the war in Iraq. No, I didn't seem to get through to him. Being simultaneously bombarded with White House Talking Points and accused of naivety for doing my own goddamned homework has left me so pissed off I can barely see. I had two options: try to convert the drunk or allow him to go off.

I opted for the latter, as cheap alcohol makes the entire encounter somewhat useless. Save us from weak minds so susceptible to rhetoric.

Forgive me. I am fighting a war to create rational minds of depth here. I do not take defeat well even in hopeless cases.

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timid_songbird said...

So is there ever a cause for war? I mean, how long do we sit back and let those who would destroy us whittle away at us piece by piece?

Bush frightens me, even more than the democrats. I think mostly because he pretends to be so different, but when you get down to it he's still a politician.

I want to know why we didn't just blow the hell out of that desert in the begining instead of sending our soldiers to die? I know...political correctness dictates that we protect the innocent. I don't see the terrorists caring, infact, that is exactly who they target.