Monday, July 11, 2005

Congress is Drowning in Email

Apparently, our Congress is getting so much email these days there's no way to sort it and actually make your voice heard.

"Stop sending form letters/faxes/e-mails that the constituent doesn't even know he/she is sending," a House staffer added. "It's a waste of time and resources and does not influence the members' stance on the issue in any way."

Lovely, isn't it? Just another reminder to my dear, foolish friends the petitions-only liberals of the USA, you are not helping. You are choking the supply lines but not bringing with it the level of clarity required for it to do anything good. Remember, if you block a road in protest of a war, then they can do something to get you to leave peacefully. But this is a thousand different messages all inundating the Congressional inboxes. Ultimately, it makes it impossible for anyone to really get their point across when it really counts.

Story here.

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