Saturday, July 09, 2005

Corporate Indoctrination

Yes, you read that title correctly: the subject is corporate indoctrination. This isn't a slogan for the liberals, but a real thing. When you defend the businesses over the people, you've been indoctrinated.

Where this comes from is so easy to see it's disgusting, especially when you see how few actually notice it. We live in a consumer culture created by Reagan's deregulation. Once upon a time a bunch of newspapers could be owned by one company, but it couldn't go any further than that. A newspaper couldn't own a radio station in another city, and a national news station that spoke to the entire country. Reagan changed that and thus changed the media, annihilated the news, and ushered in a period of corporate growth that has all-but-officially ended us as a society.

When you defend business you are defending plutocracy. You're defending someone's budget sheet, not your fellow man. The foolish rebuttal is "Aren't businessmen people too?" Yes they are, technically. But there is more to it than that. A businessman is one who engages in business, which has a single goal: profit. While the businessman himself is a human being, business is a wild animal, driven only by hunger. And like a wild animal loosed in society, it must be tamed, regulated. We don't do that anymore and now the government is owned by business. Look at the assets of our cabinet and you'll see what I mean; defense, oil, media. They're a cross-section of plutocrats, the precise people that 100 years ago we were worried about taking over our government. Yellow Journalism has become journalism.

Denial has ushered in the destruction of our democracy. Read, understand, and be willing to make the harsh judgments about those in power. And remember, only a weak person sides with business over people. It's simple defense and acquiescence to the body that you feel is too strong to fight and directing your anger on your fellow man.

Read history. This has happened before.

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