Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dangerous Complacency

I can feel it settling in, the day-to-day. But that's the way it goes. Settling into a routine is like death. You go on autopilot, you shut down. You nod your head and agree because you can't afford to care. You have things to think about, things to do tomorrow. Work, the kids, an unending stream of distractions depriving you of the perspective needed by a good shakeup.

This is why I find the London bombing and all other events of its ilk so interesting. It's a horrible thing of course, but let's not stop there. It's a tragedy not just because people lost their lives, but because they lost them for no reason. They were civilians, killed with no focus, no clear and directed grudge. They were there, between two parties that really didn't care about them in life and will use them as pawns even in death.

Remember, this was on the subway. Daily routine people, daily grind; pay attention on it and don't look away. Because the consequences of the big picture, of the gross manipulations and the evils of society can hit you even if you're just living day to day. We are all vulnerable.

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