Saturday, July 23, 2005

DISPATCH -- 11th Hour

I've had a long week but I still have enough energy to read the news, to get angry, and to make the necessary connections and ask the necessary questions.

The problem with America is its complacency. It's a simple, self-indulgent philosophy of "it's Saturday" or "I'm Tired" or "There's Nothing You Can Do" that defines us now. Please note the slip. They don't say "there's nothing I can do". It's "YOU", a clear indication of their mental state. They're naysayers, weak and fearful masses. And if anyone threatens their excuses, they throw it back at you, trying to destroy your confidence, your integrity. The reason for this is simple. It threatens their own complacency, their own fear. It shows them up for what they are and they don't like that. Remember, so long as someone stands tall everyone else knows that they're crawling.

We're in the final days of our democracy. Here's the way it works: You create a threat. You use that threat to revoke the rights of the public. The threat doesn't so much disappear as change, as you can always create a new threat. You can feed it, actually. This has happened before, with the threat of Communism in the world. After the Bay of Pigs debacle, the Communists felt that maybe, just maybe, they might have to take down the US to remain sovereign. They opted not to try, thankfully, but the method remained. When the Communists finally receded into the background in the 1980s, a new villain took over: the terrorist. He was another color, which was better for TV. He was violent, which was good for creating a fearful public. All you had to do was...well, train a mad Saudi Arabian from a rich family to fight for you. Osama bin Laden fit this bill nicely, and his family was an old friend of the Bush clan. All it took from there was the simple application of fear. "Let's go kill the terrorists" and the people went for it. And now the ranks of Islamic Fundamentalists grow in the Middle East, deliberately fueled by the viciousness of Christian Fundamentalists in the west. We are more than caught in the middle here, we are the pawns.

There's a girl who posts on this board and asserts the "we can't do anything about it" philosophy. I just want to make it clear here and now that this philosophy is not restricted to her, so my assaults on this philosophy are not simply a personal attack. To wit: I'm not just yelling at you. I feel this necessary to point out because this girl did voice her opinion and that is respectable.

Every day you see people. They go about their lives. They're thinking about themselves, about their lives, their dreams. The facts, the things that make their dreams their FUTURES don't concern them. They give themselves the mediocre salve of weak beer and bad sex to numb their senses and they never act.

Burn your Social Security card. Burn it if you don't agree, because you're burning your country by not defending it. "The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance", or so said Thomas Jefferson. America has become complacent and because of this we are hemorraging the rights that make this country worth living in. The time is already upon us, but we can always fight back. All it takes is effort; not weak effort like signing a petition. The strong but simple opposition that comes from not doing what your told BECAUSE YOU'RE TOLD. Someone wants to check your bag, refuse.

Now, there's two ways to go about this: you can do it violently, by fighting the cops. You could also simply boycott the subway system. It's a peaceful way, but it's also an active way. Use other routes. The only problem with this is that those who would encourage an effect, the bulk of people, will lie down for this because they have to use it for work. Well, find another route. Clog the roads if you have to. This is the difference between active and passive resistance. Abstinence is still active if it's done in bulk and it's encouraged. Not using it unless you have to doesn't count. That's passive avoidance. Actively finding another route, starving the system; that's a start.

But it's only a start. Don't think your contribution can end there. Don't you dare. More on this as opportunities arise. In the meantime, encourage civil disobedience. It's the first step, but it's at least a REAL one.

This is the 11th hour, people. America is dying. Will you be its defender or its killer? The choice is yours.

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timid_songbird said...

You are exactly right in your observations of the masses being so overly self involved that they can not see past today and the future liberties that have, and are, melting away before their eyes.

I see it. It hurts. It scares me.

Our children are taught from their first day of school to follow. Not to follow. And parents smile and allow it....

If you think I don't get angry just because I build a wall around me, you are wrong. I do get angry. At myself for letting my fears keep me for doing what is right. At myself for not showing my children what courage is.

The government will not get their hands on my children's education, but what good is that when it all ready has their future? And I who pretend, and those who just don't look, are aiding in that theft.

We keep letting them move the line taking more and more of our freedoms, giving it with open arms at times, refusing to be accountable and responsible for ourselves. You said "America has become complacent and because of this we are hemorraging the rights that make this country worth living in." we aren't becoming...we are already bleeding to death.

I don't know what my point is...other than I am glad that someone still has the courage and self fortitude to stand...and maybe, just maybe...I can still find it in myself.

Thank you for the reminder, the lighthouse on the rocky shore. Now, if the captains will just look and act, myself included.