Friday, July 01, 2005


The past two weeks have provided the necessary proofs of our democracy's untimely demise.

The press no longer has the authority to protect its sources from government subpoena. This is an essential element of the investigative journalism, people. Regardless of whatever line they feed you, this litigation has a single true goal: prevent another Deep Throat. That's all. They want to make sure that their employees don't have a way to serve the public without having their lives utterly destroyed for it.

The US government can now take your land and give it to a corporation. All they have to do is say that they need it. Formerly, eminent Domain was allowed only for public use (seizure of blighted land or parks, for instance...they still conveniently "accidentally" sell it to developers, but now they don't even have to bother hiding it. Any of you out there with property, you'd better hope that your home isn't in the way of the next corporate complex expansion. Otherwise, you'll get the value of a roach motel in compensation and then kicked out on your ass.

The government is now entertaining the privatization of the roadways, selling government infrastructure to corporations for them to maintain and more importantly CONTROL. This is a public utility, a vital one, and congress wants to give it to the sort of people that can't even be trusted to be honest on their own fucking budget sheets!

We now have the secret police, the National Security Service, a subsection of the FBI that answers to the CIA. The NSS...just because they add another letter to the acronym doesn't make it less of what it obviously is. Welcome to totalitarian America, people.

If you're still reading this, you probably don't believe me. The infectious stupidity of the belief: "it can't happen here" is the source of this problem. It more than CAN happen here, people, it HAS. You let it happen. This isn't something that happened to other people. It has happened to us. And antigen you say to the contrary, any "well, I can see their" is you just kidding yourself. Don't. If you're smart enough to see the potential threat, don't do yourself the indignity of stifling it with vacillation. This is what has happened to the United States. Any cooperation with these events will make restoring our country even harder.

And on one last note, here's the latest on the destruction of America. Sandra Day O'Connor, Supreme Court justice appointed by Ronald Reagan, is retiring. Because of this action, we are now in the deepest of shit. This means that Bush will be able to appoint for a lifetime the craziest son of a bitch he can get in. His people control most of congress. He believes in the death of democracy and civil liberties (see also: religious fundamentalism as nationalized morality and the selling off of American influence to big business). Whoever he appoints, it will make things harder.

Good luck to you.