Friday, July 15, 2005

Open Thread

It's friday again and the rant thread is open to all. I've been angry and somewhat insulting during the week. Feel free to beat your tiny, underdeveloped fists against this thread in retaliation. I won't hunt you, I promise.

In other news, one of my literary heroes, Warren Ellis, has been posting coverage of the San Diego Comics Convention. Go take a look. It's like a bad dream brought on by Star Trek reruns, chronic masturbation and bad salami before bedtime.


timid_songbird said...

I don't think that expressing your opinion can really be considered insulting. Especially as I am invading your space here.

My comments that got you all riled up were cold hearted, I know. Like it or not, our soldiers are fighting a war. War is hell and evil lurks within it, on both sides. Waging a war based on feelings and compassion seems to be a sure way to loose. We ended WWII with a display of strength that left the world changed, our heads swollen and our futures uncertain. But no one messed with us for 50 years.

The thing is, it doesn't matter what you or I believe. Neither of us likes this war, but we can't change the fact that it exsists. In the end, the slimy politicians will make their deals, tell their lies, and soldiers who thought they were fighting for their country and the future of their children will be buried, right next to the uninformed innocents trying to ignore it all. (Yes, I still count myself in that last catagory. It hurts too much if I look to closely, knowing that nothing is going to change.)

EEP said...

On the spot, reporting from the "realm of the horrible" (aka your local supermarket), Dr. Eep.
Things spotted:
1. General Mills cereal is now proudly sporting that their cereals are made with whole wheat grain. That's right...your COCOA PUFFS are whole wheat. This is the fat lady ordering the entire menu and then a diet pepsi. If this sways you to buy their cocoa puffs, clearly you have priority issues.
2. In the fun area of their magazines...this was one of the titles: "How to get Pregnant." I'll save them $3. Insert part A into slot B. Repeat if needed/desired.
3. Once again with the magazines...who the hell buys these things. Seriously. The ones that get me are the "People"-esque ones. Has vicarious living become all that exists?