Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Open Thread. No Intelligent Design

There is no such fucking thing as intelligent design. Let's just get that straight. We evolved. Deal with it. While the theory has not been perfected, it is backed by a large amount of data and is tested and built upon as our knowledge progressed. Intelligent Design is a cop-out created by superstitious airheads who want to believe that the earth is flat, the invisible man loves them, and that we are descended from two people. It's not a theory. Get that through your heads. A theory can be tested. It can be disproven. This can only be used as a baseless assumption by the ignorant.

THERE IS NO FUCKING GOD, PEOPLE! He was created ancient times as a control mechanism for primitive people and has been modified in theme and content ever since, but he's not fucking real! There is no heaven. THere is no hell. How do I know? Even a simple historic study of these areas reveals the time authorship of the concepts. WE MADE THEM.

Keep your superstition out of the schools. I won't ram the atheistic reality of the universe down your throat, but if you stick your neck out of your house with this, I'll fucking cut off your heads and use your neck stump as a pencil holder.

I now officially hate you all.

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