Sunday, September 04, 2005

You Killed New Orleans

I have been so angry lately that it's made it difficult to write. The bad news, the horrible failures and abuses of power by the Bush Administration have reached a critical level and are occurring with a frequency that chokes the sanity from the mind of any sane individual.

All the same, let us begin.

The hurricane was a natural disaster. Katrina, we call it, making it familiar. There are many issues associated with Katrina that have gone unmentioned in much of the mainstream news. First, the levees that broke were being repaired up until recently. The funding was federal, but was slashed by guess-who. the face of a consistently worsening global environmental crisis the president opted to cut funding to the repair of the levees around New Orleans. I didn't want to blame Bush at the beginning, but the fucker couldn't manage to not cause a disaster even once.

Secondly, there is the issue of the National Guard, who weren't there at first because they'd been shipped out to Iraq. The purpose of the National Guard is to be there regardless of what we're doing abroad. That's why they exist. They and the Coast Guard are our last lines of defense and exist primarily for DOMESTIC problems (like natural disasters and civil disturbances). Their absence up until now is, again, our president's fault. It's unavoidable. Some will say "how could he have known". The response is simple: He didn't have to. The Guard is there in case it happens, specifically because you can NEVER KNOW. It's the fucking weather! And if you're not adequately upkeeping areas like the New Orleans levees, then gambling on not needing the manpower is an unforgivable act of stupidity.

Third, and for those who have not noticed this, the majority of the remaining New Orleaneans are black. This is because all the middle-class people evacuated when they had a chance. The poor in New Orleans are primarily black. I've been there. Trust me on this. Does this have anything to do with our president seemingly placing aid to the city on such a low priority? Possibly. Does it influence the Arkansas National Guard, fresh from Iraq to New Orleans being told to "shoot to kill" by the governor of Louisiana? Possibly. I wouldn't put it past him.

This is just the first story of several. Many people are monitoring the situation in New Orleans, and the rose-colored glasses are already being donned now that the Guard is (finally) there. The fact that the Red Cross has been barred from the area (no, I'm not joking) will probably go unmentioned on most major news networks. But it's just one of the many details in this situation that should make you as violently angry as I am.

Here's a nice summation from a Daily Kos Blogger. Other articles from DK: 1, 2, 3

How does it feel, America? Your ignorance, your laziness, your blind acceptance of George W. Bush has led to this tragedy. You have aided the true terrorist, the man who has crippled our nation, perhaps even destroyed it. And now, he has two, possibly three Supreme Court nominations ahead of him. Fuck you all. You deserve what is coming.

Any of you who voted for Bush the second time is a traitor to the United States of America, to democracy and to intelligence, decency and human life. Fuck you all.

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