Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Welcome back, little people. I hope you missed me. I could hear the weeping of you the masses, sitting in the bathtub covered in cat feces, piece of jagged glass at wrist, begging me to return. And so, like a ink-stained butterfly, I return.

Bow...I have ministrations to make.

Someone has been shitting in my bed, people. Someone has been making up bomb threats in NYC, the city above me. I am in New Jersey now and despite what you may believe, what burns up there blows down here. I am not happy with this. What's worse, I have a distinctly itchy feeling that this was a stunt by Mayor Bloomberg to help his reelection campaign. Would this shock you? Does anything shock you?

Harriet Miers has been nominated to the Supreme Court, showing that the Dominate Americanus is truly walking around in imaginary jockey shorts. There's something about this nomination that doesn't make any sense, even to me. It's the bleak, unseemly edge to the whole affair that everyone's running their tongue along, but no one can quite get a taste of. Miers is a ultra-conservative's wet-dream come true. Don't worry about her stance, people. Her only extra-administration support since the very beginning has been hush-hush backing from Dr. James Dobson, the same Focus on the Family patriarch who thinks the recently developed Cervical Cancer treatment is a promotion of premarital sex and should be banned. Ever since this came out, Karl Rove, Bush and Cheney have been working in overdrive to draw together Republican support. But it's not the moderates they have to convince. Thus far, the three most outspoken pundits opposing the nomination are Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh. Yes, Harriet, you are too partisan, too conformist and too loyal for America's gift to Fascism, the Bitch of Buchenwald, and...frankly I can't come up with anything clever for Rush. He speaks for himself...much to the detriment of truth and integrity in the media.

Miers' appointment may just be another example that Bush is really and truly losing his mind. Or, it could be worse. I've long since theorized that the neoconservatives, in their PNAC goals to create an American Empire that will rule the world (for the five minutes it takes for the nuclear nations on Earth to reload, that is) have been working long and hard at focusing all American attention onto Bush. Why is that? After eight years, he'll be out of office. It's unlikely that he'll try to change the constitution or serve a third term later. They're not that blatant, and it'd drift too close to the legacy of FDR's third term. This is no doubt something they wish to avoid, as a Republican goal for most of the 20th century was to disassemble the New Deal (look it up). They irony here is that a Republican FDR is pretty much what they're going for, though; a man who focuses the public's attention away from the real power players. The difference between FDR and Bush is that although he was an invalid, FDR ruled his administration (somewhat notoriously, I might add). Bush doesn't. And whenever he makes calls for himself, it leads to things like the Miers nomination. And there's the problem. Isn't it possible that now, with his popularity slowly flatlining, that his political instincts may be going through their rebellious teenage years? It certainly seems likely. He knows that the elections were rigged. I think he's getting tired of having to hide behind the lies. He wants everyone to know that HE controls government and he knows what's good for the world.

1) He's wrong.
2) He still has executive authority, an unsettling partner for his delusions of grandeur and wounded ego.

We have a very big problem here, people. If Bush gets assassinated, don't look any further than the Project for a New American Century. And if such a thing does happen, I shudder to think of a monument at Arlington dedicated to this enfant terrible.

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