Friday, February 03, 2006

From the Depths of a Fever Dream

I am beset by illness and cannot feel my 0wn eyelids. Fire burns within, the cold fire that comes with the sickness. How can the human body possibly manage to sweat and shiver at the same time? It's illogical, but then, so are the penguins. Penguins push in the first in line, to see if the water's safe. That means pushing in the strongest in the pack, the leader. Bah, good way to lose leaders. Maybe that's what we do...send in the top of the heap, end up with Bush as president. The best become corporate scientists, forgotten leaders of 4H clubs due to breeding desires. The rest of us are the mediocre, comfortable in only being better than the truly hopeless masses, those without purpose or initiative. Technically, this puts me in the same group as Bill O'Reilly and Atilla the Hun, as it does with you. I hope this angers you, for it angers me. We really have to sort out or priorities, world. Our fiction has become notorized fact to the brainless legions. Our soldiers are the illegitimate offspring of our ignorance and pride. You'll find no yellow ribbons on my porch for their wellbeing. I'll mourn those killed by the NYPD and FEMA's incompetence far sooner.

Lapsing in and out of coherence, due to the chills and difficulty focusing. But I can see, even sick, I can see. I see friends around me, some faces enemies in times past, some enemies now. Koreans, Turks, Japanese, Germans; was the enemy, but now the friend. Do I accept that suddenly, they're our foe? Fuck that.

Winding down again. Talk to you all later, when dreams born of fever are finished. Can't wait. Know what I mean? Aren't full sentences nice?

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