Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blowing off Steam

Steam is what happens when water hits heat. The body is 2/3 water. The heat is a massive heap of bills and debts. Unfortunately, when it's all under pressure, it doesn't vent, it explodes. I'm trying to keep from exploding. Explosion would be bad right now, so I'm blowing off steam however I can.

Have you ever had one of those times in your life where nothing seems to work? When you make a deal, it goes sour, when you get a job, circumstances get you fired or force you to quit? This is how the last two years have been for me. I never should've moved back to New Jersey. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just weak...or just stubborn.

Maybe weak, maybe stubborn...but the number I keep calling about a job still won't pick up. The contact refuses to answer his phone. I have difficulty blaming myself for this.

To my few readers, sorry that this is becoming a rant board for an unemployed idiot. I'm losing my fucking patience, though. I do whatever I can and still I get fucked. I am cursed and working around this is taking more time and effort than I fear I have. But it's what I have to do, nonetheless, so here I go, again and again, smacking my head against the anger and the frustration, hoping for a better tomorrow.

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