Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Postmodern Language

I am 25. Five years ago I was dating an IT specialist named Janice. Nice gal, actually. This is her. But the thing I always remember most about those days is how she used the English Language. I had never before and have not since heard code referred to as "sexy". Whenever I think of computer code, to this day, I ask myself if I'd do it for the price of a pack of Malboros. Memetics incarnate, that girl. just walked by. I named it "Patty Melt". Whenever I see a dog I wonder what kind of sandwich I could make out of it, and what it would taste like. There is, I fear, something deeply wrong with me.

Back to the Postmodern Language. Five years ago I never would've guessed that HTML and its relatives in the online world would become the languages of the age. But they have. I just spent an hour and a half wrestling with Technorati trying to get my damned profile picture on this site. I think within the next five years it'll be utterly necessary for all high school graduates to know HTML to properly communicate in the new global world...which of course means it'll become compulsory in American schools somewhere around 2110.

Boredom truly is inexcusable.

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