Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Man in Full - Futurist Variant

Imagine the autonomous researcher...the academic and practical specialist, the perfect in-motion professional. He's a scientist who reads his trade magazines and reports through a small, perfectly-suitable ebook screen. He receives payment through bank accounts with international ties and unity, with access at the touch of a finger either through his cellular phone or his i(insert wired product name here). He is monied, paid through direct deposit, and needs no permanent address. His mail is routed through his office and scanned by secretaries, or perhaps snail mail has been abolished completely, and he receives it as he does calls, via cell phone. Brilliance abounds in empty spaces, and he makes notes in his ibook that later will work their way into his latest academic treatises, which itself will be both bound for archives library purposes and processed into ebook format for his fellow professionals as well as the educated layman. In between books, he subsidizes his income by teaching at local universities, pulling an adjunct position here and there. There are of course permanent professors there, those who disdain his way of life, those who think him ill-tempered for real study (meaning sedentary contemplation). It is of no matter. He teaches, signs the contract, is paid, and moves on at the end of it all. He's off, and on a plane to another country. His passport is platinum grade--he is accepted as a professional of independent worth in any civilized country, and he requires no paperwork for a visa. Language files are uploaded into his ipod3000 as he sits on the plane, enduring the flight to Hong Kong, to arrive with his brain uploaded with detailed files, enabled by a combination of perfectly-honed subliminal drugs, his personal zen-in-transit sutra, and his language tapes. He now speaks Mandarin, not perfectly, but enough to begin. This is life in the new world, the post-human professor, the man in full.

ADHD is man, as a species, expressing its impatience.

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