Sunday, November 26, 2006

Play it again, Sam

Every living person currently has had at least one song stuck in their head in their lifetime. But have we ever paused and considered just what that phenomenon is, and what it says about us? That phenomenon is essentially a media echo still running through your head. It's a voice, usually, that you can't shut off. It just keeps repeating itself, the message already done, but still going on and on and on...

When this happens to us in any other way, we call it a flashback, an ailment of the brain caused by trauma. So that's how our brains see most of modern media: trauma. All of a sudden, my argument for "traumatize thy children" seems better and better. But hey, that's what we all do, right? Up until we start learning for ourselves, actively forcing information into ourselves, our principal means of acclimating to our environment (aka "growing up") is by becoming traumatized (aka "whipped into shape). The only real difference is that people, at one point, became much harder for life to traumatize after a certain age. In a normal adult male, for instance, it took a war, a bloody accident, or something else to truly change his programming. But now, the tools have been refined and we can, it would appear, keep people open enough for programming well into their adult years.

Hooray for marketing! Hooray for memetics! Goodbye, will be missed.

More on this later.


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