Monday, March 19, 2007


Alright, here they are, available exclusively through Three of my novels.

"The Red Death", previously known as "the Racket" in its unfinished and unrefined form. It's the beginning of the John Hale Mystery series, which I will continue writing on whether you people buy the book or not.

"The Gallows Game", a tale of post-modern surrealist love. This story was born under the working title of "Magdalena", for those who know me personally. Well, it's finally out.

Thirdly, "An Artist's Prayer", a bizarre fantasy novel for all ages.

The novels are available for purchase on and are free to download. Enjoy them and share them with friends. I've done the obscure, unknown artist thing. It's gotten old. I want money and recognition now. Buy the books and I won't come to your house with the plunger and the economy sized tube of KY. This I command.

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