Sunday, March 18, 2007

True Things

March is always the worst month to be alive in my world. Never cared for the winter, although for a time I convinced myself that the cold was my friend. But over the years, paying for new boots and new tires from the halite and eating less to pay the jacked up heating bill are enough to make a man take up arms against mother nature. I fully support global warming because I think the human race's time is up. The following things are true:

the 20th century was the American century
the 20th century has been over for six years (less than, technically, but technicalities are for those of mediocre insight).
the 21st century will be the asian century, the rise of China and (perhaps) Russia.

We have succeeded in butchering the American empire from within. All the whining about how bad it is being imperialists, about having an empire. But the truth is, and always will be: fuck or be fucked. We're sliding off the top now, and I doubt it's going to stop. The red Chinese are taking the front seat on our slow road to ruin, and their love of expansion and their indifference toward the rest of the world and environmental policy will see the end of it all.

It's times like this I seriously consider going back to cigarettes.

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Anonymous said...

Did you quit?