Friday, April 27, 2007

The Clear Program

Please, please let this be a hoax, or a neurocam-esque performance art piece...just remember, boys and girls. You are being monitored, and soon, you will be CLEAR. It's like Orwellian Scientology
in corporate America. I'm just wondering what sort of criteria they'll have access to in order to "update" (meaning revoke) your security clearance? The Feds need a warrant to get at half of my records if they want to revoke my passport. Are these people who supposedly "clear" passengers going to have more access to private records, like criminal records and medical records? And with millions of potential customers, how will they be able to offer assured "clear" status, other than via computerized recognition of changes in status? And do we not all remember what happens to any security system when it's automated, as this one would have to be? Heh...I can see the headlines now. If this catches on, it's going to be a riot.

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