Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

I'm not going to wax sarcastic in any way over this latest shooting, nor am I going to attempt some false sense of pity for the deaths of those I do not know at the hands of someone I also do not know. I don't care enough about political correctness to pretend that I hurt when someone I don't know dies. But there is something about this that disturbs the hell out of me.

At work, we use an AOL account. When I check the aol account, I often see their headlines and stories. These were two of the stories, figuring prominently under the heading "there were warning signs":

Link 1
Link 2

The second one disturbs me the most because it makes accessible the two "disturbed" plays written by the gunman. This bothers me on many levels, most notably that this will precipitate an even greater bleed of the horrific paranoia that now rules our high schools into the college scene. There are a lot of time bombs out there, my friends. It happens. our world is nasty, and these are Americans (he was a Korean american, if I'm not mistaken, but an American nonetheless). My point is, the Japanese kill themselves. We're Americans, and when we're pissed off enough, we kill each other. This is wrong, yes. But it is us. We're not exactly a self-destructive people. We spread it around. This is what's going down, and it's going to get so much worse.

Alright, the distillation of this rant is predictable, and I will admit to it. I've written things similar to these plays, in high school and college. If I were in school during the environment we'll see arrive after this, I'd never have gotten my degree. And this was in a school where, though I am a loyal alumni, it was known that if you complained of psychological or emotional problems to a counselor, your continuing sessions and clean bill of health were a condition for you staying in school. If you want to know why these adults, not children, ADULTS don't seek help in college, this is part of the reason.

Incidentally, one of the above-mentioned rants turned into "The Gallows Game", one of my novels AVAILABLE HERE. Sometimes it turns into money, not murder. The sad truth, the REAL TRUTH, not the PC one, not the comforting one, is that there is NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP THESE THINGS FROM HAPPENING. This is life. People explode. It's not good, and it's very horrible and sad when it happens. But there is no repair upon the system that will fix the problem without causing an equal to superior problem to arise. Welcome to the 21st century, a world so complex it crashes occasionally.

My best to those who were like this once, and then woke up one day, lit a cigarette and said "Who would kill 33 people and then their self when they could just go online and play Halo and make some friends?"

P.S. I fear that in this post, you will think that I am making light of this situation. I'm not. I just refuse to reduce my thoughts to buzz words and paranoia over this. I was in high school when the Columbine fiasco went down. This too shall pass.

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