Monday, May 28, 2007

Apple, Microsoft to be Sued for Supporting Piracy

Courtesy of Slashdot:

" informs us that the company Media Rights Technologies is suing Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Real Networks for not using its DRM technology and therefore 'failing to include measures to control access to copyrighted material.' The company alleges that their refusal to use MRT's X1 Recording Control technology constitutes a 'circumvention' of a copyright protection system, which is of course illegal under the Digital Millenium Copryight Act. I would say more, but without controlling access to this paragraph with MRT's products, I fear I have already risked too much ..."

First off, where did anyone get the balls to sue MICROSOFT? Don't they send you the head of your firstborn in a Ziploc bag if you even blog about it?

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