Saturday, May 26, 2007

Reverend Mike

Partially inspired by a declaration of my good friend Jason, I'm giving serious thought to joining the Church of the SubGenius.  Why?  Because being an atheist in america is about as good for one's social life as being a transsexual child molester.  So, I'm picking up religion.  Oh thank you modern technology for furnishing me with options, dare I say it, OPTIONS for my religious leanings.  I have Buddhism, Taoism and the other ancient, non-catholic trips to go on, combined with Dischordians, Pastafarians and the Subgenii.  My coffee mug runneth over. 

Who will be my first marriage?  Who, I say who, wants to stand up proud and say, the author of "The Gallows Game" married me and hubby!  He baptized my son in Schmirnoff and gave our poodle Sparky a bris with a can opener.

The Esteemed Reverend Michael Bagen...yeah.

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