Friday, May 30, 2008

Cluster Bombs banned by Non-Users worldwide

Cluster bombs now banned by several countries that don't regularly use them anyway. Congratulations.
Some of the biggest makers and users of cluster bombs cited by human rights groups -- such the United States, Russia, China and Israel -- were not involved in the talks and did not sign the accord. Organizers expressed hope that those nations would nevertheless be pressured into compliance.
What I like most is the four names listed. The US, Russia and China are three of the four largest countries on Earth (#2 is Canada). Israel is the size of New Jersey, yet it's one of the largest makers and users of cluster bombs on Earth. I always thought that in order to throw your weight around you should first have it.
I single Israel out mainly because, as you may recall, they are the ones that precipitated this issue in recent memory with their attack on Lebanon. You would think it'd be pointless to even approach the topic without their being at the table.


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