Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scapegoat Award

Taken from that holy pinacle of sanitized propaganda, CNN:

"The drugs were purchased online without a doctor's visit. She says that her husband had become an addict -- and that the Internet sites that sold him the drugs were his pushers.

"Absolutely," she said. "That's exactly what they are."
I remember about six or so years back I had a friend who was nursing a pretty substantial heroin habit. Then came they day she took a nice big hit (as her tolerance was appreciable) and found out it was cut heavily with PCP. I mention this because this is precisely the same. You did not know your dealer. You did not verify your source. The internet is not a drug pusher. Your husband became a junky of his own accord. Go sit down and continue watching TV. We'll tell you when next you may have an opinion.

After some deliberation I have decided not to make a social commentary out of this little act of stupidity. Please, to spare me the annoyance, in the future do not dwell on these cases. We all know in our reasoning minds the foolishness of blaming the dealer for you getting hooked. It's like blaming the salesman for your love of shopping. Remember, it's all very honest when you exercise care (caveat emptor), but if you don't it's your own damned fault.

Alright, I still ended up with commentary. Old habits die hard.

via CNN, who should be made to pay.

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