Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Bitterness of the Aging and No-Longer-Hip

CBS ran a truly horrible broadcast on the "millenials" recently. It has bothered me so much that I'm actually linking to the fark commentary, where (eventually) my comment will appear. Here it is distilled (pardon the reference to previous postings in the Fark Forums). I generally don't post to fark, but this one has me very angry.

This is a very bad piece of journalism to begin with. First off, it is based around a stereotype (in this case, "stereotype" meaning a trend that is entirely subjective).

Second, it is rooted in the bitterness of the elder generations toward a young generation that has embraced the doctrine of individuality and determination that they have espoused for the past fifty years. We were always taught not to value authority any more than it was sensibly applied (Boomer Generation, civil rights, etc) and to make our own way in life and not wait for somebody to hand it to us (the Greatest Generation and its grand industrial hopes summarized).

Third, the elder generations clearly do not understand that the younger generation faces serious problems as a result of their way of doing things. Previous posters have mentioned how screwed our country is now economically, environmentally, etc. This has created a situation where individually-minded career goals are more sensible. Only a fool is loyal to someone or something that is proven to be utterly indifferent to your wellbeing. Furthermore, the inflation and high cost of living are a direct product of factors long established and poorly managed by preceding generations. Let our generation reach the stage where we control the banks and the interest rates and then MAYBE we'll be responsible for the cost of living.

One final note, any generalizations made herein were done just to save space. The issue is complicated. If this comment is to be summarized, it is to state this much in contradiction of the moronic oversimplification we see in this broadcast.

link - Fark Commentary
link - CBS Broadcast

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